Bioshock 2 trophies reveal future DLC

2K News FPS Playstation 3 Xbox 360

Below is the new set of trophies added to Bioshock 2. The trophies point at a new game mode. Most likely single player, you will be collecting stars based on how well you do. Judging by the last two trophies, and the title of the game mode it will most likely be a series of modes where you protect a little sister as she gathers adam. It isn’t that creative, but currently it is all speculation. Maybe you have to follow the sister around as she goes from body to body and you have to protect her as long as possible.

  • Litmus Test – Earn 6 stars in the Protector Trials
  • Acid Test – Earn 18 stars in the Protector Trial
  • Trial By Fire – Earn 36 stars in the Protector Trials
  • Enemy of the Family – Earn an A rank in all Protector Trials
  • Hidden Trophy – Unknown
  • Perfect Protector – Collect 100% of the ADAM in a single Protector Trial
  • Get a Bigger Bucket – Collect 50% of the ADAM available in all Protector Trials