2K Play titles for Wii and DS – New Carnival Games and Nickelodeon Fit

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Admit it…you played some of the Wii’s kiddie party games and you liked them! I know i did, some of them at least…

Yeah…on topic, 2K Play showed their new titles in development:

  • New Carnival Games – Wii, DS
  • Nickelodeon Fit – Wii

New Carnival Games brings kids over 30 fun carnival games, loads of cool unlockable prizes, 4 player action, and for the Wii version, the Motion Plus is now integrated for increased precision and fun. Set for September 2010. Trailer down.

Nickelodeon Fit is the first fitness game designed especially for kids,  all their favorite Nick Jr. characters making an appearance. Parents will be able to control and monitor their child’s exercise routines so they don’t get too buffed up. 🙂 The game is compatible with the balance board and remote(dugh) and is set to be released in November 2010.

Now, 2K…why’d you have to make an April Fool’s joke with Bioshock Undersea Carnival Games ??? 🙁

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