Zynga partners up with 7-11

PC News

Sure, Zynga games on facebook are pretty popular among a certain demographic and they make a lot of money off of a mostly free game through micro transactions.

Zynga has partnered up with 7-11 to give your Zynga game branded slurpee, big gulp, and ice cream. With every purchase you get a code to unlock an exclusive in game item. Sure the item is pointless but seeing a hardcore gangster walk out of 7-11 with a Yoville branded Big Gulp cup is priceless!

Below is the full list of exclusive items and how to get them.


  • Fun Slide – Slurpee cups
  • Big Splash – Big Gulp cups
  • Coffee Cart – Large iced coffee
  • Sandwich Cart – All fresh sandwiches
  • Chocolate Persimmon (Tree) – Cut fruit
  • Neapolitan Cow – 7-Select vanilla ice cream (pint size)
  • Water Tower – 7-Select bottle water
  • 10 Fuel Tanks – Prepaid FarmVille game card

Mafia Wars
  • Showman (weapon) – Slurpee
  • Trio Diva (vehicle) – Big Gulp
  • Lone Wolf (weapon) – 20-ounce coffee
  • Sleek Bulletproof Vest (armor) – pizza, chicken wings, Big Bite products, chicken tenders and breakfast quesadillas
  • Pepper Shaker (weapon) –hash browns, taquitos, Burrito Rollers, potato wedges
  • Palermo Prowler (vehicle) – 7-Select chips
  • Combat Helmet (armor) – Prepaid Mafia Wars game card

  • Wall Freezer – Slurpee
  • Hamburger Stand – Big Gulp
  • Coffee Machine – 7-Select packaged brownies
  • Donut Display – 7-Select packaged cake donuts, four-pack
  • Candy Stand – 7-Select candy
  • Soda Machine – 7-Select orange soda
  • Nacho Machine – Prepaid YoVille game card