[UPDATE] This Week On XLBA (May 24, 2010)

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XBLA Titles This Week

Voodoo Dice and DOOM 2 (According to Major Nelson) are both set to release this Wednesday (May 26) on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 800 points each.

Voodoo Dice looks like an interesting puzzle game that supports both single player and multiplayer (local). Definitely worth looking at the trial to see how much fun moving dice and facing multiple puzzle elements is.

DOOM 2 is an instant buy for me (huge doom fanboy here), evil demon killing is on its way! There are also rumored avatar awards, hopefully they are true.

Deal of the Week

For one week only, beginning May 24, Gold Members can get the following games for cheaper prices.

Lazy Raiders, Band of Bugs, MadBalls Babo: Invasion are all reduced to 400MSP this week.
The Indie Game, Avatar Wave Snowball Fight is also on sale and reduced to 80MSP this week.

Click here to visit the xbox.com deal of the week page and take your selection.

3 avatar props are also on sale this week

  • Snake Prop is 160MSP
  • Pop Poms Prop is 80MSP
  • BasketBall Prop is 80MSP


  • Lazy Raiders is a pretty fun puzzle game, check out our review of the game here.
  • Band Of Bugs is made by NinjaBee and it incorporates your avatar, but it’s gameplay is that of a game where once you have one game with the gameplay you don’t need a whole bunch more.
  • Madballs is a weird game. Definitely worth a pickup at this price.
  • Avatar Wave Snowball Fight is a pretty highly acclaimed indie game, definite worth a look and the  snowball fights are pretty fun.

DLC for the week

  • Just Cause 2 “Black Market ‘Boom’ Pack releases Tuesday for 160MSP.
  • Lips: Add-on songs releases Friday for 160MSP each.
  • Rock Band: Pantera songs releases Tuesday for 160MSP per song. Check the full list of Pantera Songs here.
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction “Insurgency Pack” for 800MSP.

*As always dates and prices are subject to change.

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