Street Fighter IV update detailed

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On a normal occasion, MasterAbbott would be hitting up the news about the upcoming update to the gameplay mechanics in Street Fighter IV. He is sadly being a lazy bum on the office couch. He’s been sleeping non stop for the last 37 hours. Nah! I’m just kidding, he’s been doing the opposite in fact, if it wasn’t for it being the weekend he would probably be working non stop for 37 hours. Busy busy!

Either way, the game’s assistant producer, Tomoaki Ayano has detailed an upcoming patch due to land this June on the Super Street Fighter IV Saikyo Blog.
The update pretty much fixes a bunch of gameplay mechanics and adds a few other tweaks.

Here’s the list of problems that the patch will fix in the patch which is currently due June 15th.

  • Certain Fei Long combos turning into an endless combo
  • When you unleash an Ultra Combo and time freezes, your guard input cancels out. This, Ayano admitted, is actually something that was known prior to the release, but they left it in as an interesting play mechanic. After the game’s release, they realised that there were a number of characters that ended up being able to unleash their Ultra Combos with no risk.
  • The effect of Sagat’s Angry Charge move does not reflect on his EX Tiger Uppercut in some circumstances.
  • Counter damage against Bison’s Ultra Combo II Psycho Punisher move is too low
  • When Ibuki attacks a ducking Chun-Li, the second hit of the attack will not register
  • Guy throwing glitch
  • When Ibuki rises from the ground in certain instances, she’ll retain her invincibility for a long time.

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