PlayStation media bulletin – Month ending April 2010

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Sony have released their end of month Media Bulletin.  This is a recap of what’s gone on in the month of April and what we can expect to see moving forward.  There’s quite a bit of information so what we’ve done is make a link to the PDF file for you all to download and read for yourselves.

The Sony Computer Entertainment media bulletin for April 2010 highlights recent news including the announcement of SingStar The Wiggles and Vidzone TV.

It also mentions release details of the upcoming game, ModNation Racers on PS3 and PSPgo.

PlayStation Media Bulletin – April 2010

Special thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment for sharing this information with the Community 🙂

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  1. master abbott i think you can find a picture of an actual ps3 instead of the proto type with the wacky controller lol

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