Outwit your friends with Modnation Racers

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What would you do if you had all the power in a land of racers? Would you create a track so brutal that you yourself could not even finish it? How about something so crazy that it has all of it’s racers unable to finish due to laughter. You can do that now with the release of Modnation Racers on the PS3 and PSP. Modnation Racers was released yesterday May 25th and now the havoc can begin.

With customization options rivaling Little Big Planet there is nothing you can’t do. You can make your own little world and force your friends to traverse it in their vehicles. You have the power and can make them go running home crying because they were destroyed by a hidden trap and ended up in last place. All the while your racer travels through various shortcuts and beats everybody by a mile.

Don’t just let anyone beat your track. Will Kevin Butler have to come to your house wearing those shorts? He’ll do it. You know he will. Listen to his advice and make your mark on the race track with Modnation Racers; or otherwise he could show up and then who knows what may happen.

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