Mount Up and Jump Back Into “Gears of War 2” with New Multiplayer Matchmaking Features in Title Update 6

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Social matchmaking update accompanies price drop of “All Fronts Collection” content pack along with Triple Experience Weekend kicking off on Xbox LIVE

Starting today,  Title Update 6 gives a new reason for “Gears of War” fans to load up their Lancers and rev their chainsaws. The title update, available today on Xbox LIVE, introduces a new public multiplayer match feature called Social Matches that allows you to jump in or out of games without disruptions, including Horde mode matches. Social matchmaking also lets your party join a match already in progress or start a new match if there are no suitable matches to be found.

Social matching is open to anyone who owns all four downloadable map packs, available as a single download by purchasing the “All Fronts Collection,” now at the new discounted price of 800 Microsoft Points. Those looking for specific map packs to round out their collection will also find individual map packs on Xbox LIVE Marketplace at a new lower price as well.

To celebrate the new title update, Epic and Microsoft have also announced a Triple Experience Weekend on Xbox LIVE. Starting tomorrow, Thursday 27 May, at 2PM GMT, fans can earn triple experience in any “Gears of War 2” multiplayer mode on Xbox LIVE. The Triple XP weekend will run until Tuesday 1 June at 2PM GMT.

In addition, the title update includes a host of general fixes, improvements, and balancing changes which are available to all players. Visit for a complete list of Title Update 6 changes.

With the improvements in Title Update 6 and the wide availability of the “All Fronts Collection,” players have plenty of time to hone their skills before the launch of “Gears of War 3” in April 2011.   I know I don’t need to hone my skills .. IM MASTER “FRIKEN” ABBOTT … you I was born with a LANCER in my hands !! WOOOOOO I’m in the ZONE BABY !!! AIN’T ENUFF FREAKS TO STOP THIS ABBOTT !! 😉

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