Kill A Rockstar, Earn ETERNAL FAME !!

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As we all know Red Dead Redemption is out world-wide and a lot of you are having the time of your lives gun slinging and horse-jacking and tying up fair maidens to railway tracks.    But Rockstar wanna go one better, from the 18th of May to the 1st of June you can earn yourself the ROCKSTAR achievement or trophy and have a chance at becoming a playable character in the upcoming DLC.  All you have to do is kill a ROCKSTAR employee online or kill someone that has already killed a ROCKSTAR employee.  Do this and <insert unlock achievement/trophy sound here> you get the achievement.  Now all I can say is get online now and start shooting anything that moves as you never know who or what’s already killed who and when and how and … umm what am I talking about ?

Just login to Xbox Live or PSN and shoot your way to ETERNAL FAME !!!

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!

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