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G’day Everyone.  MasterAbbott here to bring you the video un-Barrel’ing of Capcom super cool Final Fight Double Impact Press Kit.    This limited edition Press Kit was sent to press all around the US.  Capsule Computers was very fortunate to get one as well from the fine people at Capcom.  This video un-Barrel’ing runs you through what you get in the barrel.   There is a link just below that will take you straight to the Capcom store to buy this ultra-rare collectors item(s).   Watch the video below and if you really like what you see click on the link and buy it now !!

Details :

This is the Final Fight™: Double Impact Press Kit that everyone wants! Capcomhave a lot of fun coming up with these exclusive kits and now they can offer them to Capcom fans.

  • Limited Edition break-apart barrel made from high-quality rubber foam
  • Can of spray-on temporary pink hair color celebrating infamous Final Fight™ character Poison “For Men, Women, and Everything in Between”
  • Double-sided t-shirt featuring Re-Elect Mike Haggar For Mayor on the outside and Magic Sword art on the inside
  • 1 inch Mike Haggar for Mayor badge pin
  • Retro cassette tape featuring the remastered soundtrack to Final Fight™ and Magic Sword by acclaimed remixoligsts (includes a download of the digital files)
  • Classic arcade tokens featuring Final Fight® on one side and Magic Sword on the other
  • Buy it now for only $59.95

    Enjoy the video :

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