Dice announces Onslaught DLC for Bad Company 2

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Today, during EA’s spring showcase, DICE announced its first upcoming piece of premium DLC for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – a co-op mode called “Onslaught.”

Onslaught is an all new co-op game mode that will currently consists of 4 objective based missions located within some of the already existing levels of the game. The maps won’t remain exactly the same and have been refitted with added vision impairing obstacles such as sandstorms or night missions.

Onslaught will enable you and up to 3 friends to fight against waves of enemy AI troops as you work together to complete the objective. The AI will also use vehicles that you must take out in order to survive, or you are just really lucky and avoid every single tank and helicopter shot.

Onslaught will also include 8 new achievements/trophies and will also have leaderboards so you can challenge your friends.

There is no date or price set yet, but there is the trailer below. Check it out.

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  1. Love you, DICE. Adding coop mode, i wasnt even expecting this!

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