Darkspawn Chronicles released today for the Xbox 360 and PC

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If you look at the Xbox 360 marketplace you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the Darkspawn Chronicles add on for Dragon Age: Origins has been released and will cost you 400 MSP, basically $5. It will also be available on your PC for the same price. However what we have yet to see is a release date for the PS3 version of the game, but now with the most recent patching of the game, Darkspawn Chronicles will also be available for the PS3 shortly and looks to cost the same price.

In this version of the game, what if the heroes had failed? What if the land of Ferelden was going to be swept away by the blight? What if you were the cause of their failure? You shall see. For in Darkspawn Chronicles you take the place of the Darkspawn themselves, and must do battle with the various races hoping to prevent the world from falling under your control. You must defeat them and appease the Archdemon.

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