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Digital Leisure Inc. has just announced their brand new WiiWare game, accompanied by a website, called Mix Superstar.

Full description from Digital Leisure:

Think you can be the next big music star? Well now you’ve got all the tools right at your fingertips with Mix Superstar. Create, mix and record your own royalty-free musical masterpieces right on your Wii™. There are over 1,000 Dance, Hip Hop and Techno loops included across multiple instruments like Drum, Bass, Synth, Guitar and even voice tracks.

With this you can create your own synthetic bands and songs to sound like whatever you want them to sound like. With the thousands of loops provided you will have nigh limitless options to change the songs around. Not only that but there will be the inclusion of voice tracks to place professional singers into your own songs.

You won’t even have to use the voice tracks provided, because you can make your own. Mix Superstar is fully compatible with any Logitech USB microphone or the Wii Speak itself. Also included in this huge package is the ability to upload your songs and then download them later onto your own PC. Not only will players be able to create their own music but they will also have the option to take them with them wherever they go.

There has been no official release date yet for Mix Superstar; nor was there any mention of a price tag. However this is literally an entire music studio at your fingertips so there can hardly be much complaint about the price tag itself. What does everyone think about this game? Would you enjoy being able to make your own music instead of always playing the same songs over and over again on various other music games? I sure would. If only they would make this game compatible with one more input source; a Vocaloid source…

After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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