Apple iPAD – Available NOW in AUSTRALIA

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Great news for everyone in Australia the Apple iPAD has now been released !!! The higest model available is on sale for $1049 AU.  Same price as the iPhone 3Gs when it was released.  I know down here in Australia we pay way too much for these cute little gadgets and the iPAD cant be placed on a plan like a mobile phone so your going to have to cough up the cash or put it on your credit card and pay it off bit by bit.  If you do end up buying it.  You will have a great time as it’s quite a cool device.

Click on the link here to purchase the Apple iPAD and also find out further details

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  1. Yeaa! Congrats mates 😀

  2. Available in Canada now too! Now that I have a job I will be able to afford it was well.

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