App of the Dead Coming Soon

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You gotta love the month before E3, it generally leaves us editors desperately scratching and clawing for any tidbit of news.

Speaking of scratching and clawing… (see what I did there?)

I bring you: a zombiefier.

Yes, a zombiefier. Haven’t you always wondered what you would look like as a flesh eating corpse? As a walking pus-bag? A ‘Zack’? Skin Eater?

Coming soon, an official George A. Romero “App of The Dead” will be available for the iPod and iPod Touch, and will finally answer that burning question.

You will able to use the images of yourself, friends or whoever on your iThing and zombify yourself by adding gashes, scratches, all sorts of wounds and facial deformities to your picture-perfect face.

Not only will you FINALLY be able to see what you look like as a zombie, you will also be able to “shoot” at your zombie self, complete with blood splatter and all. And if you’re really proud of your work, you can save and upload your ghoul to Facebook.

I’m totally buying this. As a zombie connoisseur I’ve always wanted to know what I’d look like as one. Thank GOD for this app, otherwise I was worried I’d have to inject myself with the T-Virus or something.

Just a 21 year old geek on a lifetime mission to play every videogame, read every zombie book and buy cute shoes along the way.

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