Whats Halo Waypoint all about ??

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Now some of you out there might not know what Halo Waypoint is all about ..

Well you’ve come to the right place… MasterAbbott is back with another one of his reviews .. this time its a run down on what Halo Waypoint for Xbox 360 is all about.

Its pretty cool,  watch the video below and all shall be releaved …


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  1. I’m a big halo fan but I never gave Halo Waypoint a go. I might do after seeing this but it still seems a bt pointless.

  2. I thought Halo Waypoint were these animes episodes, didn’t knew it was some kind of portal.

  3. Can’t say that I use Waypoint all that much, but I have used it, and it is really cool to have a central hub for the franchise as a whole. Plus I am a fan of avatar awards. 🙂

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