Split/Second ‘survival’ mode detailed

Videos Racing Xbox 360

Split/Second has finally jumped on the band wagon and has released tons of appetizing snippets; videos, demos, and more. Below is a video showing the survival mode in the game which combines the speed of racing with the fun drifting and swerving moments you come to enjoy while playing the game, without the need for the computers (or players) to be smart enough to try and take you out before you are 20 seconds ahead of them.


  1. the trailer looks sweet but i dont think its worth 60 dollars so im going to wait to get it

  2. People’s impression from the demo hasn’t been all great, so i’m even more confuse about choosing this or Blur.

    This video was cool, but the game seems to be a little on the repetitive side, while Blur seems to have more replay value. I will have to read (or play an demo) to decide which one to choose.

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