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Monster Hunter Wilds’ First Trailer Reveals an Untamed Land

First look at the open lands and story.

After first announcing the game half a year ago Capcom has released the first official trailer and a glimpse at some of the storyline, characters, and new monsters that players will encounter in Monster Hunter Wilds. In Monster Hunter Wilds, players join the ranks of a special Research Commission team investigating the Forbidden Lands. The hunter ventures into the unknown with their companions, including Guild-appointed handler Alma, their Palico partner, and a mysterious child as they explore a land where biomes can magically transform in strange and unexpected ways.

The first location to be revealed is the Windward Plains, a vast region that is said to feature a harsh desert, twisted rock formations, and a large swaying grassland teeming with life. These immersive ecosystems are populated with wildlife acclimated to their surroundings, including smaller monsters like Dalthydon, an herbivorous wyvern that migrates seasonally, and Ceratonoth, who rely on males to shield the herd from raging storms with well-developed dorsal horns that serve as lightning rods. Of course, large monsters also roam the Windward Plains, including Doshaguma. While massive and territorial, these fanged beasts are curiously sometimes sighted stalking the plains in aggressive packs. Meanwhile, the formidable amphibian Chatacabra uses its surroundings and adhesive saliva to become an even stronger adversary by armoring its body with natural materials like ore.

Monster Hunter Wilds will feature all fourteen of the series’ iconic weapons returning as well as new actions being added to each one of them while also adding in new mechanics such as the Focus Mode that gives hunters more precise control over targeting enemy weak points, aiming, and guarding as well as a Hook Slinger for contextual actions, collecting items, and even mounting the new mount called the Seikret. Seikrets are nimble creatures that can guide hunters and allow them to perform actions on the move such as sharpening weapons, gathering materials, and wielding the slinger.

The new trailer can be found above and set of screenshots can be found below while Monster Hunter Wilds is currently set to be released sometime next year in 2025 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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