Splinter Cell: Conviction started out rocky

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So many of you have probably been enjoying your copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction. Amazingly a lot of people have gotten pretty mad at the game already though. Everyone knows that one person who whines about everything and overreacts. Well my friend is just like that, and after playing the second level and the game freezing on him, he got pretty enraged. He persisted and tried again, and again it froze.

Anyone who did a little bit of research knew that this was a problem on the Xbox 360 for those connected to Xbox Live. There was a work around that involved clearing your cache and yada yada, but he wouldn’t listen to me and instead decided to smash his game into a million pieces on the floor.

Don’t worry though, both Xbox Support and an Ubisoft rep have announced that the issue has been fixed. Hopefully none of you broke your game in a fit of rage. Enjoy your [still in one piece] copies.

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