Splinter Cell: Conviction Special Edition Contents for download

Action News Shooter Xbox 360 Ubisoft

As you all might know the USB, that Ubisoft had planned to have the extra content on, didn’t work. So instead¬†UBISOFT have supplied a download link where anyone and everyone can download all the special content that would have been available on the USB. Enjoy all the goodies that would have cost you $10 in the original collector’s edition.

Click here to start the download.


  1. i really love this game and everything about it … the only thing i would have liked is more gun upgrades and more suits to wear in multiplayer and that’s me nit picking lol

  2. Once again, more stuff that I otherwise would not have gotten if it weren’t for this site. Thanks again.

  3. Nice job Ubisoft, this is one of those rare times were you guys do something good.

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