Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter coming to XBLA and PC

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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter is officially coming to XBLA. There is no release date for the XBLA yet, but the Steam version is currently set to release on April 28. If the same thing happens to the second game as it did to the first, you won’t have to expect the game popping up on XBLA until about a month later. The game includes a new deathmatch mode along with co-op, capture the flag and survival modes. Finally, a mode where I don’t actually have to go to the arenas to fight endless hordes. Survival mode, here I come!

If you plan on getting the PC version, Steam is currently offering pre-orders on the game for $2.00 off the price of $20.00. Pre-orders will also get an extra multiplayer and co-op character: Ugh-zan, the boss of The First Encounter. But as I recall it that beast was huge, so we’ll probably get a shrunken version.

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