Saw 2 The Video Game trailer

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Bet you didn’t see it coming! The video game Saw is getting a sequel. What can you expect though? There are 6 Saw movies (not to mention a 7th one being made; if you’ve seen the 6th you’ll know what I’m talking about), might as well make 6 Saw games to go along with them.


  1. How come this coming so late after the release of the movie? Multiple sequels have already come out. I’d have thought it would’ve made more sense to develop the game of the most recent one.

  2. I think its because their game numbers don’t follow with the movies, since the first Saw game was released not so long ago. But i really wasn’t expecting a sequel too, since the first game was not well received, but looks like it sold well.

  3. my husband would like this

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