New RED DEAD REDEMPTION Gameplay Series Video: “Life in the West Part II”

Playstation 3

Rockstar Games have released the Life in the West: Part II trailer that is packed full of new information and juicy details on ghost towns, roadside bandits, bounties, mob justice, hangings and executions – and a whole lot more.

Watch and get excited.

Who’s already pre-ordered this fantastic game ?

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  1. At first, i wasn’t really interested in this game, not such a big western fan. But seeing how Rockstar developed it, it just got better and better. Really looking forward to it. And i didn’t even know it had multiplayer till the last article u guys posted about it, so this is a plus, also.
    Rockstar never fails, right?

  2. After watching the trailer, I have to admit my opinion has been slightly swayed. Rockstars rendition of the wild west is B-E-A-utiful.

  3. This game is freakin gorgeous.

    It wasn’t pre-ordered, but I do believe it will be by the days end.

    I can’t wait.

  4. Since Gun i have been waiting for a new game on the same style, Red Dead Redemptions seems to be the one, making things even better, a lot better.

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