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Netflix Instant Streaming Wii Discs being shipped

Do you have netflix, and want all the viewing pleasures of instant streaming but only have a Wii? Well, the discs for instant viewing on your Wii have been shipped out. They should be arriving soon if you ordered one.

Once you receive your disc, a plethora* of movies will be available to you without the high deffiness**.

Radical Dylan’s Movie Suggestions:
The Ugly Truth, Next, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Lost, The Matrix Trilogy.

MasterAbbott’s Movie Suggestions:
The Wiggles, VeggieTales, Thomas & Friends: It’s Great to be an Engine, Kipper: Kipper Helps Out, and you must not forget to watch Barbie’s Horse Adventures!

*Actual definition may not fit the use in the sentence, but it sounded fancy.
**Not an actual word.