MW2 ‘Stimulus Package’ dated for PS3 and PC

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A recent press release has revealed the dates on which PS3 and PC will get the Modern Warfare 2 ‘Stimulus Package’ map pack.

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Stimulus Package for PlayStation® 3 will  release in North America on Tuesday, May 4th. While Australia and the Europe get it on Wednesday, May 5th.

The PC version will also release worldwide on Tuesday, May 4th.

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  1. So the Microsoft’s temporary exclusivity deal was one month only? I thought it would be for more time.

  2. How much did MS pay for that exclusive?

    It sure wasn’t a very long one.

  3. microsoft payed i.w 50million for 360 excluive mw2 maps.360 working out the bugs for pc and ps3 so ours will work fine.

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