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Com2uS has just released the highly anticipated MMORPG, IMO: The World of Magic on the App Store. IMO is a virtual world that combines the strategy of role-playing games with the competitiveness of social networking games. You can choose from one of three classes: Fighter, Ranger, and Wizard and decide your character’s realms: Lanos Kingdom or Sirus Empire. You will be able to set your character’s gender, name, hair style, and color. Your character will then be placed in a virtual online world with thousands of players from around the world. When you fight, your character will gain exp which will help you build skills that can be used in combat. Real-time network play with your friends.

Unlike the slew of single player role-playing games out there, the best part of IMO is that you can play with your friends and/or family online in real-time. Each character can create a party with up to 4 members which allows each member to gain exp at a higher rate. If you are looking for something a little more casual, you can create a guild which allows up to 40 members and offers special chatting channels. Multiple chatting modes such as speak, shout, whisper, guild chat, and party chat, you can target your messages to a desired group of people in the virtual world. However, one of the most addicting features of IMO is the player vs. player arenas. This allows players from one realm to attack
players from another realm. As seen on other MMO games, this adds an element of collaboration and strategy from each realm to launch attacks against other players.


Com2uS has released the game as a FREE game where users can play without any restrictions. However, for users who want an extra boost to their gameplay, specific items are purchasable via In- App purchases. These items do not break the balance between users but instead, adds features that make certain aspects more convenient. For example, there is a scroll that allows the user to summon a friend to the location of your character. This item is not a necessity in the game but bypasses the inconvenience of travelling across the virtual world to meet a friend. Therefore, a user can play the entire game without needing to purchase a single item.



Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!


  1. I don’t even know what to think of this. It seems like it’s going to be some sort of Maplestory/Runescape lovechild. It would be pretty damn impressive if this thing plays well and is actually fun, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  2. Hmm.. Might check it out. After all it is free.

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