How do you like them marshmallows?

Xbox 360

I have noticed something in the last week in MW2.  Aussies are a bunch of camping $@#$&*^&^&%(*%$#(*^*%@#$!@#’s!!!

We finally got the matchmaking patch from IW and now we always (99.999999999999%) of the time play with 4 green bars, which is fabulous.  The only problem – people who play Domination think its a camping fest.  You may say, yeah but they are camping to protect the flags – bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! wrong.

Take last night for example, we played 4 games in a row where we won by over 150 points!  Whaaaaaaat? 150 points in Domination?  How is this possible?  I will tell you why – camping. Those marshmallow toasting campers who camp on the other teams flags looking for kills and killstreaks.

Back in the lobby – I ask them – do you actually understand what Domination is about – it’s an objective based game – the objective is to capture flags – not over inflate your ego with killstreaks.  Their response “I was protecting the flag”

The comments about them going to Team Deathmatch falls on deaf ears – we all know why they don’t play Team Deathmatch – they don’t know where anyone will be, there are no flags to camp near.

It’s not all bad – there are a few teams out there, clans and such who don’t camp and actually go for flags – these matches are way more fun and always end up very close in the end.

I would rather win or lose a game and have fun doing so, than getting a positive K/D ratio.  Come on it’s a game – it’s not about stats – in the end who cares if you went 40-2 on Terminal.  I have personal milestones I am trying to achieve (Prestige 10 and alot of the Titles and Emblems) – the leaderboard stuff, I couldn’t care less about (though I do give it hard to xI Rock Ix about his boosting) – tomorrow is it going to matter your K/D ratio is?  This past week has made me want to snap the MW2 disk and flush it down the can ala Master Chef : Cock of Doody style.

What does everyone else thing about campers?  What type of player gives you the craps in MW2? Knifers? Tubers?  Quick Flukers..err Scopers?  Give us your feedback.

@DuraRoc – Run’n’Gunner and proud of it!

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