Free App A Day !! HORRAAYYY !! Perfect for your new IPAD !!

Apple iPad iPhone to Launch Free iPad Titles on Day One Through

I think this is a perfect idea.  I’ll be placing links to both on the side bar under links.  Make sure u book mark these two sites as it’s always good to get free stuff every day.  Other corporations should be doing this too FREE XBLA Game a Week or PSN Games and WiiWare games a week would be BRILLIANT .. and it would generate more action and interest by gamers.

What do you guys think ?  Well for now check out the details below. Make sure you check out both sites for your iPhone and your new sexay IPAD !!

SANTA MONICA, Calif.: Leading Application Discovery Portal is scheduled to promote several iPad titles during the iPad Launch weekend through its newly acquired website. The site will reveal the name of the titles on Saturday April 3rd at 12.00am.

“We are very excited to be involved with the launch of the iPad,” says Joe Bayen, CEO at “The new device is set to have a major impact in the mobile industry and we are positioning the new iPad site as a location where iPad developers can showcase their titles and iPad owners can discover great paid apps free for a single day.”

The iPad site will initially be merged, is set to evolve as a standalone website once more titles become available on the iPad.

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  1. I agree, it’d be fantastic if other corporations did something similar. I’d really appretiate free XBLA game a week, or even just a month.

  2. That’s really nice, an easy way to promote something, using a good idea.

  3. Microsoft should take note!…

  4. I think that’s pretty cool of them. I’m sure it didn’t hurt their sales either. One thing I wouldn’t like about this is I could buy an application and the next day it could be free… That would be so annoying.

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