First day buyers of the “Stimulus Package” get 7 free days of Xbox Live

Xbox 360

Major Nelson announced that day-one buyers of the Stimulus Package map pack will receive 7 days of Xbox Live membership. Major Nelson states to “Check your Live messages,”  for notice of the reward.

After using “my awesome math skills” I have discovered how much money you get back from these 7 days if you were to buy 12 months on sale at $40.

According to the message the extra days will be distributed around may 1st.

There seems to be a lot of extras surrounding the Stimulus Package Map Pack.

  • Double XP Weekend
  • avatar AVGs
  • 7 days of free xbox live for first day buyers


  1. Even when giving an bonus to the players, Microsoft and Activision still act bad. Seven days for free, really?

  2. More of an apology than a reward, I’d say.

  3. Meh.

    I guess something is better than nothing, but that is a pretty weak “bonus”.

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