Early Access To LOST PLANET 2 Multiplayer Demo – PS3 GIVEAWAY

Playstation 3

As your all aware from our previous article on Lost Planet 2.   The Demo is currently out and everyone is already having a great time blasting the crap out of one another.  Details below :

“While the demo will be widely available from April 21st, Capcom’s most avid fans in Europe will be able to experience the demo from March 31st via a number of early access codes. Codes will shortly be available from www.lostplanet2game.com and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Further codes will be available through local initiatives in UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Australia.”

Well here at Capsule Computers we like sha some super exclusive access codes for Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer on PS3

All you have to do is leave a comment below on who you will be using as your main character when the game releases.  Will you be using Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, Albert Wesker or the original Pirates and WHY 🙂

We’ll be picking winners as quickly as possible as we want you all to get in there and experience first hand how great Lost Planet 2 really is !!

Get Cracking leave a comment below

(Winners will be chosen on Sunday) Email will be sent to the winners there will not be any post on who the winners will be.  If you win you will get an email from the crew here at Capsule Compters with your PS3 Access Code.
Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!


  1. Don’t count me in, just wanted to say that lettin people play as the Gears of War stars or Albert Wesker is…amazing. Especially Dominic, he was the ultimate bad ass with a lil emotional side

  2. Wesker! There really is no other valid choice.

  3. hi count me in i really want a code please this game looks epic and really cannot wait! feed my addiction

  4. I will be using the original pirates… because pirates are awesome… and ninjas suck.

  5. I’ll be using Marcus as I loved him in the Gears series.

  6. Used Dom in Gears 2 and I plan to continue the trend in Lost Planet 2

  7. i already have it for 360 so i dont need one for ps3 … i thought it was pretty fun it was better than the first one for sure i love some of the stuff they added

  8. Definitely gonna be playing as Marcus, though…

    Are they actually in the PS3 version?

    I will most likely be buying the 360 version, as that is where most of my friends play online, but I have a PS3 as well, so I will be more than happy to play the demo there. 🙂

  9. Hey count me in please, I’m gonna play the pirate cuz he’s soo cool :DD
    I like pirates he looks awesome. :p

  10. Hmm…. I was looking at some footage of this game and it made me wonder if you could play the akrids just like in the first game. I guess I’ll have to check that out myself. I don’t have my own PS3 so this really doesn’t effect me at all.

    Also, if Marcus and Dom were in the PS3 version of the game that would be pretty funny.

  11. ill be using albert wesker, please i need a code 4 the PS3

  12. tengu_soldier is my psn and [email protected] is my email i want a code please and as to the question i will play as all since im a ps3 gamer and im interested in playing as a gears of war character and the original pirates are well..original they were awesome and futuristic looking also doesnt lost planet 2 have 6 individual chapters that you play as separate characters?

  13. Wesker!!! definetly!…first because I don’t think there’s gonna be Marcus Fenix or Dom in the ps3 version…and second because Wesker just kick ass….HE CANT BE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!

  14. All codes have been given away .. lucky winners please check ur emails 🙂

    Have fun online !! Let us know what you think of the game write up a little preview if you have the time and post it in forums 🙂

  15. Hey I was wondering how do i use the beta key i got?

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