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“The Passing” DLC’s mutation mode is definitely one of it’s stronger points. Ever since release the steam forums have been buzzing with news, and the code monkeys have found the names of some of the mutations within  the Left 4 Dead 2 code. Some of them look quite fun. None of the modes from the list below are confirmed yet. Any guesses on what the mode names could mean?


First Man Out
Four Swords Men
Head Shots Only
Last Man One Earth
Linear Scavenge
Max Specials
Mutations 1
Mutations 2
Mutations 3
Mutations 4
Mutations 5
Mutations 6
Mutations 7
Mutations 8
Mutations 9
No Health Versus
Realism Versus
Temporary Health
Ultra Realism
Versus Survival
Vip Target

Guard the Gnome: Mutation9
-Gnome spawns at the beginning, you need to to make it through the levels.
-Zombies go after the person carrying the gnome.

Bleeding Out: Mutation3
-No Medkits, only pills.
-You start with temporary health that goes down fast.
-Lots of pills.
-Lots of random panic events.

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  1. I just bought Left 4 Dead 2, i will be following all these mutators to see if they are fun, what’s my favorite, and things like that.

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