Capsule Computers April Fools Joke That Never Happened

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We here at Capsule Computers actually had an April Fools joke set up in the last minute due to Wolvespack88 reminding everyone here that it was April 1st; MasterAbbott had already passed April 1st on his calendar and I didn’t even know we had entered the month of March yet (don’t ask questions). However, many April Fools jokes backfire regularly and we would prefer to keep our readers,  so we decided against what we planned. It also didn’t help much that the layout plans fell through the cracks because MasterAbbott couldn’t pull it off with such short notice. I managed to  write up the article that would follow up along side his layout changes, but since it never happened and I would prefer not to waste a perfectly good article I have decided to share it with you guys now. The actual layout changes that were planned for the day are listed below as well. I honestly think it would have been funny, what do you guys think?

Happy April Fools!


Remember me mentioning that MasterAbbott loves to watch Barbie Adventures on netflix? Well Vivendi Universal Games took us seriously and have decided to sponsor us. There are only a few requirements we must fulfill in order to get this sponsorship.  Below is the list of changes that will occur in order to fulfill the requirements. We WILL continue to provide all the latest updates to you as well as game reviews, so don’t worry.

  • The site has taken on a neutral pink layout.
  • All user icons have been changed and you are now able to decide between a bunch of barbie related pictures (IE. Horses, Barbie, Barbie’s friends).
  • A new feature has been added that includes all Barbie related news.
  • All site graphics have become Barbie Related.
  • Our logo has been changed to “Capsule Computers: Video Games and Barbies are our passion”.
  • A few extra minor updates that you shouldn’t even notice.

Thank you for understanding, and I hope you will all stay with us as we all make the transition together.

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