Netflix is shipping out streaming discs for Wii

Wii Nintendo

Netflix has announced that they have started shipping out the streaming discs for Wii users. It’s time to sit down and watch a 3 day marathon of Doctor Who on your Wii! MasterAbbott on the other hand tells me that he prefers “Barbie Adventures TV Show” or “Care Bears”. I have decided to shun him for a day or two, that will teach him!

Haven’t already ordered yours? Then order it now! Here…


  1. I’m pretty sure netflix isn’t available in the UK 🙁

  2. i already have it for the 360 and i have no need for it for the ps3 i have and i dont own a wii because i hate them so i dont think this is worth it for me

  3. well…i don’t think this is going to clean the dust of my wii…sorry nintendo:( too bad actually, cuz the wii had true potential…that other manufacturers knew how to exploit it better.

  4. Isn’t available over here too.

    It’s a nice option for the Wii, but if i could choose i would prefer on the PS3 or the 360.

  5. Not available in Canada, but if it was I’d still much rather have it on the Xbox 360. No disks at all involved there.

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