Brand New Epic Lost Planet 2 Trailer!

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You think you’ve seen all of what E.D.N.III has to offer? Well, think again . . .

The latest trailer for Capcom’s blockbuster, Lost Planet 2, reveals more of the story, more of the action and reveals the behemoth ‘Over G’ Akrid, the largest Akrid to reside on E.D.N.III.

Whats everyone think of this latest trailer ?

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  1. it was a good trailer i still don’t understand why Dom and Marcus are in the game but i can go with it … i played the online beta for 360 and enjoyed it i think its much better than the first one but its still going to be rent for me at this point because i don’t really see the long term value in it for me in the long run but i am still going to give it a try that’s for sure

  2. THey are just like skin additions, making the game more atractive for GoW fans, and just having some fun too.

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