Blur Beta going public

Xbox 360

A huge chunk of the internet has had access to the blur beta, and recently there was a patch that raised the level cap from 10 to 15.

But, if you didn’t get into the closed beta, it is planned to become an open beta on April 6th. According to the lead designer “We basically ran out of codes, so next week we are going to go live with the whole thing publicly so anyone can download it.”

The most I’ve ever seen in the beta at one time were 1000 with about 300 people per room, except 1 with only 12. Recently the amount has dropped even more, getting as low as 36 in a normal racing lobby. The new comers will revive the races and extend play time even longer. They will have trouble winning with all the level 15 people though. Since I’m a nice guy I stopped at level 14 to give everyone a chance at beating me.


  1. I think the “public” already checked the beta, because there were so many Blur beta codes for a whole country. Anywayz, if they polished the game a little, i think it would be a really cool arcade driver. but now…i don’t know…something’s missing

  2. I think I will load it up again with the raising of the level cap, but I have a feeling that this game just doesn’t have legs.

    It’s enjoyable with friends, but not a game I’d commit serious time to, and after only a couple days of playing I had grown tired of it.

  3. Judging from the frenzy for Blur Beta codes when it released, this was always going to happen. However, most of the people who wanted to play this Beta managed to get a code, so I’m not sure whether there will be a considerable increase in the no. of people playing. Actually, scratch that. I bet the ‘public’ will frenzy over the demo just like what happened for the Beta codes.

  4. I’ve seen a lot of Blur beta codes too, all of my friends who were waiting to try the game already did. I’m the one waiting for some reviews, maybe an demo, to see if the game wons me.

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