Want to join the Blur Multiplayer Beta?

Xbox 360

A lot of people have been playing the Blur Beta, including myself. The game is quite fun; even with a level cap at level 10, only a few tracks, and only 3 game modes Blur is still a lot of fun.

We have 7 activation codes to give away, you will have to enter your code on this web site “http://www.blurgame.com/beta” and wait for the email which will include the download code and a 48 hour Xbox Live trial code.

So if you want an activation code so you can request a beta code, leave a comment with your gamertag and “I want an activation code

A bit of info:

  • The download is about 1.44g
  • already in the beta? direct a friend to us so you both can play
  • This is first come first serve, so first 7 people to request gets it.
  • You will receive the code from [email protected] (check your junk mail box)


  1. I’ve just been sent three more of these codes to give to people… personally, I deleted the demo after a couple of goes – didn’t rate it at all.

    Twitter is saturated with the codes at the minute – looks like they’re desperate to get more people playing….

  2. i enjoyed the beta it reminded me of mario kart

  3. Waaaaaaay to arcade for me. Though if you ain’t got nothing else to do,it’s fun.

  4. The demo was fun but I don’t know if I’ll be getting it or not.

  5. I’ve played this for a few days; quite impressive! The graphics are beautiful, and the racing is pretty sweet. I like the kart-type items to take out opponents

  6. I will wait to see some comparisons with Split Second, which will be released in may.

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