This Week on XBLA: COG armor and Toy Soldiers

Xbox 360

Deal of the Week: Gears of War COG Armor for you Avatar

Xbox LIVE Gold members can download Gears of War Avatar COG Armor (male) (female) for 240 points & Helmet (male) (female) for 80 points until March 8th.

Yay!! What a waste of a week! Anyone with me on this?
We all could’ve been enjoying a cheap game, but now we have to sit through a week that only those people who actually buy avatar clothes will enjoy. Guess what the irony of it is. Come on guess!

Everyone who actually buys avatar clothes probably already has this armor, it was one of the first released.

But I guess Gears of War fans can now show off their Fan hood by buying cheaper COG armor for their virtual self.

Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers releases this week for 1200MSP and by the looks of things it will incorporate avatar awards.

Toy Soldiers is an action, strategy game that enables you to go 1v1 against anyone in the world using 50 unique units. Supposedly you’ll be able to control certain units, that you pick, from a third person perspective. This could be very interesting in a semi-real time strategy game. Being able to control your unit from a third person perspective could give you the upper hand against the mindless enemy charging you but also makes you blind to the rest of the field, enabling your opponent to sneak around you.

Anyone looking forward to this game?

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