Splinter Cell: Conviction Realistic Runthrough, Plus opinions

Xbox 360 Ubisoft

So you have all had time to play the Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo. Well, below you will see me running through the demo on realistic in under 10 minutes (quite literally running, I tried to do it steathily… but you know… that never lasts). The opening cutscene, the interrogation, the demo, the scientist being threatened, and the ending cinematic and trailer. In my opinion that is way too short of a demo. Below the video you will find my thoughts on the demo and the gameplay mechanics.

Demo Thoughts

The demo was way to short, and required way too much memory for it’s short length. Having to watch the video and interrogation every time I wanted to play got annoying. Yeah, the interrogation is fancy and kinda cool, but it wears off very quickly.

Gameplay Thoughts

  • There are also many choices you could make towards beating the demo, but once you find the best route you hardly stray from it.
  • Even on Realistic it isn’t that hard, I messed up twice and i was still have to quickly recover before dieing. I managed to kill everyone before losing that much health.
  • With the new target system, killing people has become way too easy.
  • Tools are still completely useless, as you can see i didn’t use any in my runthrough. I could’ve but it would have been more hassle than anything.
  • I dislike the sensitivity to actions, sometimes you’ll want to do one action with ‘A’ but it will have you do something else.
  • Killing people is a much bigger focus, easier instant kills and the ability to target up to 3 people for instant kills makes the game way to easy.

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