ModNation(PS3) VS JoyRide(Xbox 360)

Xbox 360

Below is a trailer for Modnation on the PS3, and Joyride for the XBox360. Does anyone notice an extreme similarity between the two?



JoyRide(Xbox 360)

What are your opinions on the two games? keep in mind Joyride was in development first.


  1. Don’t know much about either project, but I’m looking forward to trying both. It was disappointing when Joyride missed it’s 2009 release date. As for ModNation Racers, I’m very impressed with the level of character customization available. I’ve seen sooo many awesome creations.

  2. The look nearly the same from the trailers, but it seems like ModNation has an better character customization, while JoyRide has an better track design, an better artistic style.

  3. I’ll keep it vanilla and say it looks like they had the same idea. Although, the character customization is a pretty cool feature. Would love to try both demos.

  4. Looking forward to playing Joyride. And incphi, wouldn’t the character customization on Joyride be better and more varied since we use our avatars? I think so.

  5. Played a lil bit of the ModNation beta on PS3, had some good Idea’s, kids seem to enjoy itm, especially the customizations altho the menu system and getting to races was a bit frustrating for them at first, definitely a mario kart fun type game for the kids

  6. @David

    Modnation is going to have a lot more customization. One article I read said the demo had 169 different variations of eyes…there are less than 30 on avatars.

    Plus, to really customize your avatar, you will pretty much need to buy from the avatar marketplace. So MS is trying to drive Avatar clothing sales indirectly.

    I’m assuming Modnation will be a full retail release. Or will it be a free, microtransaction based game like Joyride?

    Modnation looks really good. Making me wish I had a PS3. I’ll enjoy JoyRide while I have Gold (got about a year left).

  7. I do not have a PS3 but MODnation racers looks way better than Joy Ride in my honest opinion. Does Joy Ride even have the track making?

  8. sadly i must say the sony rip off looks better for my tastes

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