Modern Warfare 2 Double XP weekend starts April 2

Playstation 3 Xbox 360

Haven’t Hit 10th prestige yet? Want to boost your score on the leaderboards?

Well you are in luck, Double XP weekend is coming to Modern Warfare 2 on April 2nd.The weekend right after the map packs come out. Conspiracy? or are they trying to push sales. Either way, you get twice as much XP! 3rd prestige here i come!

Double XP weekend will end April 5th.

I think Duraroc, KingRoc and x|Rock|x will all be happy about that.  MasterAbbott is also happy but he doesn’t have time to play.  He’s still stuck on level 28 .. hahahhaha ahhh… eerrmm hmmm yes ok 😉

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