March 30 2010 – Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Day!

Xbox 360

Hi everyone, today is a pretty big day for Infinity Ward and Modeern Warfare 2 – it’s Stimulus Day!  

Out at 5am PST.. thats 11pm Sydney time!

This is what we are going to get today! (via Robert Bowlings blog)

The Stimulus Package (Downloadable Content)

The first dlc for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer hits exclusively first on Xbox Live. It’ll be coming to other platforms at a later date as well, but tomorrow morning you’ll be able to download the 5 new maps including Bailout (seen above), Salvage, Storm, and my favorite classic maps Crash and Overgrown.

Double XP

Originally planned to do it this weekend, but we’ve decided to throw the Double XP switch early when the new maps hit. So jump online with the new DLC and check out the two new DLC specific playlists.

Stimulus and Hardcore Stimulus Playlists

These two playlists are 100% dedicated to the new maps, and are Double XP enabled. So jump on and experienced the new DLC you downloaded, get double XP, and experience all your favorite gametypes along with some hardcore variants of them.

Ranger maps added to HCHQ

We’re adding a few maps to the Hardcore Headquarters Pro playlist on Xbox Live, allowing you now play all the Ranger maps in this gametype, something I know a lot of users have been asking for! These maps include Highrise, Invasion, Skidrow, and Terminal.

Title Update

Along side the DLC, but something ALL of our users will get, is a title update for Modern Warfare 2. Included in this update is support for the DLC (if you choose to purchase it), as well as some tweaks to the One Man Army perk, some matchmaking updates that will help our international users find more locally hosted games thanks to how ping is now sorted, and various other code updates that will help improve the overall quality of multiplayer on Modern Warfare 2.

So there you go.  When can you expect it?  Early in the morning for the US, sometime tonight for us here in Australia!  Isn’t it the best we get double XP straight away – thanks IW!

Have fun everyone!  I am so looking forward to playing with green bars just about every single game, those dirty connections are I hope, going to be a thing of the past!


  1. This looks great and double XP? I wasn’t even aware of that happening. Awesome. Oh and I also look very forward to playing all this on a better connection.

  2. i think i will stick with my bad company lol

  3. I’ll have to see how badly they nerf One Man Army before I prestige for double xp. If they’ve ruined OMA too much, I probably won’t play anymore.

    Better connections will be nice though.

  4. Yeah yeah, no news here. I can’t stand Infinity Ward anymore. Until they release a free Map Pack with double the maps, they will get 0 respect.

  5. I name this the “Activision’s Overpriced Day of exploring your fellow customer”

  6. Booooooooo!

    Overpriced maps FTL!

    Unfortunately it won’t be FTL though. 🙁

    When your game sells millions upon millions it is a safe bet that you can charge anything for DLC and someone will buy it.

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