In the end there will only be KRATOS …

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Who doesn’t like Chaos ?? Well I know one person that likes it.  Kratos and he hungers for it and in only a few short days, 14 to be exact.  Kratos will embark on his epic journey to slay the GODS and leave a trail of destruction in his wake.  If you haven’t already tried out the God Of War III demo, do so by downloading it from the Playstation Store and seriously if you haven’t already pre-ordered this EPICgame do so now before Kratos finds out and makes a detour over to your house and beats the living snot out of you !!

Here I’ve made it easy for you. US Customers Click on the link below to buy from AMAZON  and Aussie Customers I’ve also included a link to Fishpond both are priced quite reasonably and remember if you buy from fishpond with the links we provide you, you go into the draw to win prizes from the Capsule Computers & Fishpond Mega Competition.

Amazon US Customer buy GOD OF WAR III HERE :    God of War III 

Fispond AUSSIE Customers buy GOD OF WAR III HERE : God of War III [PS3]

Check out the details below and get excited a little more :

Who’s pumped ? Who’s pre-ordered GOWIII ? Who’s not into it and prefers playing Barbies Horse Adventures ??? Your thoughts and suggestions 🙂

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