How Capsule Computers Picks the Winners for our Weekly Competition

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It seems some people were not happy with how the last weekly competition turned out. I must apologize in advance, for some of you may not understand how the winner is picked and we should have explained it to you in more depth.

So I have taken the time to explain how the winner is chosen.

The overall selection is based on a random drawing, since we have many active users and it isn’t fair for the people who work and have kids to be left out just because they can’t retweet every tweet or comment on every single article on the site.

The random drawing is self explanatory, but what everyone needs to know is how you gain entries into this drawing. As you know there are many ways to gain entries: Retweet, comment, post on the forums. I will proceed to explain what gains entries and how many entries they gain.

Retweeting – 1 entry every time you retweet an article.
Commenting – 1 to 3 entries based on the length and substance of the comment.
Creating Forum Posts – 1 to 5 entries based on the substance (Reviews whose links are emailed to ‘’ automatically gain 5 entries.
Replying to Forum Posts – 1to 3 entries based on length and substance of the reply.

The last contest drawing was based on this algorithm, and I clearly should’ve  explained it in more depth. Those of you who cannot regular participate will have a chance, while more participation greatly increases your odds of winning.

Finally to win you must be registered on the site !! REGISTER HERE.  If you have FACEBOOK you can also follow us on that.  This too will increase your chances to win as well.

Any questions send me an email at :


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