Halo Reach Multiplayer Trailer

Xbox 360

Bungie released a new Multiplayer trailer for those of you who still get hyped up about every single halo game and product.

If you managed to enjoy ODST (Even a little bit), if you bought halo legends, and if you still play Halo 3 multiplayer, then you will probably love this trailer.

If the above doesn’t apply to you, I’d suggest not to watch the trailer, but it is always up to you.

So what do you guys think? Everything you were hoping? Another Halo game that will have lots of hype and then disappoint? Undecided?

Oh yeah, did i mention the Beta will land May 5th, and all the invitation is with the ODST disc. So wait until may 4th and buy a used copy of ODST, because on may 5th you’ll be stuck buying a new copy because all the used ones will be gone.

You could also WIN A COPY OF HALO ODST if you enter the Capsule Computers & Fishpond Competition.  Check it out here or on the right side for more details 🙂

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