Game Room Achievements

Xbox 360

The Game Room has 56 achievements worth a total of 1000g. You will have to buy the retro arcade games in order to get a majority of the achievements but at least 80g can be gotten for free. I have marked the free achievements with [FREE] next to them. You’ll just need to download everything you can for free and then do the required task.

[FREE] My First Theme – Place a Theme in your arcade

[FREE] Theme FillerPlace 5 unique Themes in your arcade

Fancy ArcadeTheme an entire arcade with unique Themes

My First MascotActivate a Mascot in your arcade

[FREE] My First DecorationPlace a Decoration in your arcade

[FREE] ProptasticPlace 5 arcade Decorations in your arcade

My First Game Place a Game Cabinet in your arcade

[FREE] The VisitorVisit a Friend’s arcade

[FREE] Show Me!Visit the Showcase Arcade

The PlayerPlay a Friend’s Game Cabinet

[FREE] Room FillerFill an entire room

My First WinWin a Challenge

My First ChallengeSend a Challenge

Challenge ChiefWin 10 Challenges

Challenge MasterWin 20 Challenges

Too Cool for my ScoreBeat your own High Score in a game

My Blisters have Blisters!Play a game for 1 hour continuously

Arcade JunkieSpend 4 hours total playing games in your arcade

Retro AddictSpend 8 hours total playing games in your arcade

Go to SleepSpend 16 hours total playing games in your arcade

Machine not ManSpend 24 hours total playing games in your arcade

Matchstick EyesSpend 36 hours total playing games in your arcade

My First MedalWin your first Medal

Medal VarietyWin a Medal of each Type (Point Buster, Survivalist, Time Spender)

Double TroubleWin 2 Medals of each type (2x Point Buster, 2x Survivalist, 2x Time Spender)

Medal CollectorWin 3 Medals

80s SkilledWin 6 Medals

Game BeaterWin 9 Medals

Arcade HustlerWin 12 Medals

Retro ExpertWin 15 Medals

The New Old SchoolerWin 18 Medals

Medal EnthusiastWin 21 Medals

Arcade SharkWin 24 Medals

Can’t Touch This!Win 27 Medals

Retro MasterWin 30 Medals

Check My SkillzWin 33 Medals

MintedWin 36 Medals

MedaltasticWin 39 Medals

Fly SkillzWin 42 Medals

Medal MasherWin 45 Medals

I Like Shiny ThingsWin 48 Medals

Level Up!Reach Level 2

Level 5!Reach Level 5

Level 8!Reach Level 8

Level 11!Reach Level 11

Level 14!Reach Level 14

Level 17!Reach Level 17

Level 20!Reach Level 20

Medal SmasherWin 10 Medals of each type

Medal MadWin 20 Medals of each type

Point BusterWin 5 Point Buster Medals

Point SlammerWin 10 Point Buster Medals

SurvivalistWin 5 Survivalist Medals

Survival of the FittestWin 10 Survivalist Medals

Time SpenderWin 5 Time Spender Medals

Time CrazyWin 10 Time Spender Medals


  1. i think its ridiculous that in order to get the 1000 for game room you have to pay over 100 dollars honestly Microsoft i thought you weren’t activision i thought wrong i guess….

  2. That’s horrible, money for achievements, good job Microsoft.

  3. Haha. I didn’t even like the games they add to be honest. The decorating and what not was good but I mean come on.

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