Free Grill Prop for your Xbox 360 Avatar

Xbox 360

Have you ever wanted to flip burgers ? Well now your Xbox 360 Avatar can,  Simply enter the code below and you’ll be able to download a very cool and most importanly free Grill Prop item for your Avatar.


This Grill Prop was actually mean to be an exclusive bonus to anyone that purchased and played all four Block Party XBLA titles (Perfect Dark, Toy Soldiers, Scrap Metal, Game Room), but has been made available for everyone to enjoy !!

Make sure you grab the final XBLA game on Xbox Live Arcade’s Block Party promotion, Game Room.  Game Room is available to download for free from Xbox Live Marketplace RIGHT NOW.  As your probably already aware Game Room allows you to play old arcade classics from the 70’s and 80’s using your Xbox 360 Avatar.

One LAST cool piece of information.  Capsule Computers Community member @BTHRZeroX also discovered this really cool message in the Grill Prop code,  Check it out below :

9XBX9 – 9RCD9 – 9BCK9 – 9PRTY – 9RCKZ

Remove the numbers for one 

9XBX9 = XBX + o = XBoX

9RCD9 = RCD + aae = aRCaDe

9BCK9 = BCK + lo = BloCK

9PRTY = PRTY + a = PaRTY

9RCKZ = RCKZ + o = RoCKZ


How cool is that !! Looks like we have some very creative peeps over at Microsoft 😉  Enjoy your FREE Grill Prop.  Make sure you send one over to MasterAbbott…  He loves BURGERS !!

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