Final Fantasy XIII on SPECIAL at Fishpond !!

Playstation 3

Have you got Final Fantasy XIII yet ?  If you haven’t nows the perfect time to pick up a bargain from Fishpond.  At the moment they have a special on both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

You can pick up either version for only $74.95 AUD !! THATS right and thats with FREE Delivery anywhere in Australia !!

Enter the following redeem code to get the $10 off when you make your order !!  CODE :  FFXIII

Click on the links below to buy

Final Fantasy XIII – PS3 – $84.95 – $10 = $74.95

Final Fantasy XIII – XBOX 360 – $84.95 – $10 = $74.95

Let us know if you make a purchase its a great deal grab it before its too late 🙂

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!


  1. seems like fishpond has all the good deals lol

  2. Wow!! Even though I already got my copy, that’s so cheap!

  3. The game was just released and there’s already some nice deals!

    Definitely grab it before its too late!

  4. I didn’t buy FF13 yet becuz of so many different opinions. And im not gon do it now seein as i don’t live in Aus…sucks for me, was really curious about this. Damn…

  5. Final Fantasy is a great game. I hope people that are able to take advatage of this deal do. Once again I’m impressed with all fast they get price drops.

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