COD != FISH (lots of news about COD, not fish)

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Ok, lots of Call of Duty news now. All from the here.

Activision has announced that Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella are no longer with the studio. Activision Publishing chief technology officer Steve Pearce and head of production Steve Ackrich will head up the development house on “an interim basis.” Furthermore, Call of Duty-related business will now be overseen by Philip Earl (now ex-head of Activision’s Asia-Pacific region). There is no info as to why Jason West and Vince Zampella are no longer with the studio but I’m sure we will find out soon.

The Call of Duty franchise is trying to get to Asia! Any asians reading this? You might be getting the franchise over there soon.

Treyarch plans to release the next Call of Duty game this fall.

Infinity ward is developing the first 2 map packs for Modern Warfare 2 to be released in 2010.

Finally, Activision plans to expand the Call of Duty franchise to more genres and geographies

Ok that is all. You may continue playing your games.

Hey did anyone get the programming reference in the title? 😉

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