Capsule Computers 8-Bit Warrior Of The Month – March 2010

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Ladies and Gentlemen this months Capsule Computers 8-Bit Warrior award goes to someone that’s worked as hard as he could possibly can from the beginning of this month.  This months winner has been an active member even before this competition started and has shown a true passion to be part of the Capsule Computers Community.  This months winner is :


Let’s all congratulate Andrenekoi on being the 1st Capsule Computers 8-Bit Warrior.  As 8-Bit Warrior Andrenekoi now must work even harder to keep his coveted title !!  There will be many challengers to his crown next month so everyone keep on doing what your doing, work hard and make sure you spread the word invite more people, become members, and fans of our facebook and twitter accounts, check out and participate in the forums.   But most of HAVE FUN and enjoy all the news, reviews, interviews and cool stuff we share with you all each and every day.

On another note. The staff at Capsule Computers have had a meeting to discuss the weekly competition.  We would like to formally inform everyone that the Capsule Computers weekly competition has changed.

From today moving forward (April 1st)  


On the 15th of every month 1 to 5 winners will be chosen using the same criteria we have used to pick our weekly winners thus far.  

At the end of the month 1 to 4 winners will be chosen once again along with the Grand Champion 8-Bit Warrior for the Month.

Full details have been posted in the Competition Page here.

That’s all for this month guys 🙂 Keep up the great work.   Continue to have fun, post, chat, twitter, and get involved in the forums.  We’ll see you at the next Competition announcement on the 15th of April.  Till then continue to enjoy all the great stuff we have to offer at Capsule Computers 🙂

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!


  1. I spent the last week sick, and as such my participation fell off, but I am feeling good now. Watch out Andrenekoi. You’re sitting in my seat. 😛

  2. Congratz Andrenekoi! I was kinda lazy so u deserve it. But there’s always a new month 😀

  3. congrats man

  4. Just wondering though do you guys take into account the forums at all? Just doesn’t seem like you do but I could be very wrong.

    Congratulations to Andrenekoi. I can see why he was chosen.

  5. Everything is taken into account. This month we’ll be looking for FACEBOOK & FORUM ACTIVITY !!! … hint hint 😉 But we also want Action here on the site as well.

  6. pjwification, I watch the forums and pass all entries onto MasterAbbot. The forums are always being watched.

  7. the reason pj asked that i am sure is that we have like a trillion posts on it and never win lol but its not a big deal i use the site because i love it and if i get the shaft on evey contest so be it

  8. Thanks everyone, i did my best since i discovered Capsule Computers two or three months ago, participaing where i felt i was adding something interesting. I’m really honored to receive the first 8-Bit Warrior award!

    Good luck to everyone on the next competitions!

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