Blur will not have Launch DLC, but DLC is planned

Xbox 360

Recently Bizarre Creations  announced that there is no DLC for Blur in development, but they do have plans for DLC in the future. According to lead designer Ged Talbot, throughout the year or more of development not a single team has worked on any sort of DLC.

Bizarre Creations assures everyone that DLC is coming, just not on the release day. So everyone who buys the game will have to be happy with the 50 cars and 30 racing locales coming on the disc for a little while. (As well as pre-order bonuses depending on where you buy the game.


  1. Launch DLC is getting really bad, it’s always like they cut some content just to start selling them one week after the game is released. It’s only ok when they give this kind of DLC for free, otherwise i prefer this no-DLC strategy on launch.

  2. I’m pretty surprised by this, considering Blur was supposed to come out last year. Bizarre must be understaffed, or there was a huge screw up that set development back.

    They chose a bad launch date, being 1 week after Split/Second. Could have an impact on initial sales.

  3. It sounds like they are just rushing to get the game on shelves.

  4. Right now i’m playing the Beta…Reall nice game

  5. I’m getting tired out by all the ploys companies are using to make more money. Seriously hurting my wallet.

  6. i played the beta for this it really reminds me of mario kart i liked it

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